Prima Bella’s® Russian Amber Shampoo

Prima Bella’s® Russian Amber Shampoo
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Our leading luxury shampoo, Prima Bella’s® Russian Amber Shampoo will rejuvenate and revitalize the hair! This luxury shampoo is a highly concentrated —2 X’S AS CONCENTRATE— and honey-thick shampoo that is boosted with pure, high levels of botanical extracts and plant proteins! Made with very rare essential oil derived from semi-precious 35 million-year-old amber rock, our luxurious shampoo is known to have calming and healing affects. This exquisite essential oil boasts a fragrance that royalty has treasured for centuries. Whether you have a waltzing horse or warhorse, they have carried humans through tides and time. Russian Amber® Shampoo is made with the finest ingredients because we have only the finest in mind for you. A very heavy enriched honey-thick product, Russian Amber® Shampoo is available in a 25 oz. jar. MSRP: 25 oz. $24.
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