Prima Bella’s® Russian Amber Conditioner

Prima Bella’s® Russian Amber Conditioner
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Prima Bella’s® Russian Amber Conditioner is a uniquely rich, thick and restorative treatment that enhances and protects normal or damaged hair. It is specifically formulated to leave all hair types shiny, bouncy and gleaming. It contains an ultra-nourishing burst of a botanical blend of pure plant extracts! Russian Amber® Conditioner restores hair to its optimal glory. Makes dry and damaged hair feel thick and lush. Softens coarse, difficult hair, turning it silky and manageable. The luxuriant, rejuvenating formula restores dry, sun-parched strands. It becomes hair that you will treasure! Russian Amber Conditioner contains a high level of plant-derived essential oils and includes the amber oil that is distilled from 35 million-year-old semi-precious rock. This intense conditioner is created to bring out the best in your hair. Russian Amber® Conditioner is available in a 32 oz. bottle. MSRP: 32 oz. $15
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