Micellaire H2O Face Wash®

Micellaire H2O Face Wash®
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Micellaire H2O Face Wash® Many years ago, only French Pharmacies would create and carry Micellar water. The science behind Micellar water is made when purified water and oil are bonded together to create molecules which cause micelles. And these micelles dissolve dirt and oil that are on your face. It is a most gentle and most effective way to cleanse your skin. Our Micellaire H2O Face Wash® is so gentle and effective that it will leave your horse’s face and ears clean in the most gentle and luxurious manner. Some of our animal friends are very sensitive about a face wash and here is your answer to a fast and clean face, and happy horse. You may clean around the eyes, ears and the whole face! NO RINSING NEEDED!
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